01. Eagle E-Types
The world leader in restoration and further development of the iconic Jaguar E-Type.
    Responsive Web Design
    Subject to huge surges in traffic when featured on television, working with Eagle presents an interesting challenge.

    More than many other clients, Eagle has seen the shift to 'mobile first' in their web traffic as interested visitors look for the site away from their computer as their amazing E-Types are often featured on television - including multiple appearances on BBC Top Gear.

    The responsive design adapts beautifully whatever the viewing platform, and the strong growth in traffic over the years has demonstrated that visitors like what they see.

    Offline Design
    Print advertising, illustrations, exhibition stand design and more.

    Over the years we have helped Eagle with content creation, print advertising design and this year had significant input on the stand design for the very successful London Classic Car Show.

    We were even asked to name the new Eagle E-Type launched at the show - the beautiful Eagle Spyder GT.  

    We have worked with Eagle from their very first website and the relationship goes from strength to strength.

    Search Engines
    The mixture of well-coded online work and high quality, relevant content has allowed Eagle to dominate the search engines.

    We have pretty firm opinions on the best strategies to achieve success on the search engines, and this is perhaps best demonstrated by the approach with Eagle. There's no magic formula - just guidelines and methodologies that work.

    Try searching for Jaguar E-Type, E-Types and other broad related phrases on Google to see the outcome.


See the Eagle website at eaglegb.com

"Like our clients, we expect exceptional results and Oxygen have certainly delivered. We've worked with them for over a decade now and the consistent high quality of work, often to very tight deadlines has made a hugely positive impact"

Paul Brace, Design Director, Eagle E-Types

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