There's always plenty going on across a range of disciplines down here in 'the shed' as we call it. Here's a taster of what's happening now...

May 2016

Really exciting stuff (for us) as we begin the rollout of our new content platforms for more complex web applications, finish the updating of our high availability hosting infrastructure and also carry on with some exciting projects in hand. 

We're helping to develop a new teaching outreach programme, naming and developing the brand for high technology industrial equipment, naming and branding a new luxury food concept into the Middle East, naming, branding and developing a new luxury travel business including all online and offline materials...the list goes on.


    We're getting ready to deploy the new Eagle E-Types website.
    The latest iteration of this world-leading bespoke automobile brand.

    Eagle continue to grow and develop and so do their needs as a business. The launch of the new Spyder GT has been very well received and so we're getting the new website prepped for launch over the coming weeks.

    Again, it's fully responsive and we'll be using more video and even more images of these amazing machines.

    We've developed a new global brand for a leading scientific equipment manufacturer.
    Working in the field of ultra high vacuum and associated technologies, the challenge was to produce a simple, recognisable brand mark that could be used across media types.

    After some consideration we considered that we could use the structure of the helium atom as a basis. The world of ultra high vacuum engineering uses helium extensively and this seemed a sensible fit.

    Coupled with URW Classico, a beautiful font from the (URW)++ Foundry, the new brand is coming into use over 2016.

If you have a project or idea that you'd like to discuss with us, do give us a call.
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